Postal stationery – out of use

Used as postcard with new franking

I will illustrate here some postal stationeries of Belgian Congo which are out of use and then used again by the senders as a “support”, as an ordinary postcard. They have thus put a new franking according to the postage rate at the time of use. Generally, the new franking is put on the printed stamp of the postal stationery.

 That is another use of postal stationery; I have also explained the re-used of already travelled stationery in my last article in bulletin 139 (page 15).

 In both cases, the postal stationery is used as a postcard and thus must apply the postage rate of this one and not the postage rate of the postal stationery (some reduced rates are possible for its before May 1st, 1902)  

Postal Stationery Stibbe #13 – reply card


 Out of use since January 1st, 1901.


Postcard used from Lusambo (November 12th, 1903) to Gand / Belgium where it arrived on December 30th ; transit by Leopoldville (November 23th)

 Postal Stationery Stibbe #13 – reply card – out of use – used as postcard with a 15c Mols 1896 issue (I+A1a) – postage rate for a postcard to Belgium = 15c (since May 1st, 1902)